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Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is our Priority. Therefore we request you read the guidelines carefully.

1 This service is completely pre-paid. Therefore, once the monthly, quarterly, or annual plan is activated, it cannot be canceled, and any type of modification isn’t possible.

2 A conditional refund will be given in cases of technical service, poor service, or any other genuine reason.

3 OTT or any such service that is being provided by a third party. Once activated, there will be no cancellation or refund of any kind.

4 In the case of a new connection, if the location is not feasible, And the customer has made an advance payment. The company will refund 100% within 3 working days.

5 If the customer has made a security deposit of ONT/Modem. In case the connection is closed, the security amount will be refunded through online mode after 7 working days of depositing the device.

6 Company reserve the right to modify and amend the service, operating procedures or any of its service fees, late charges and prices and may discontinue or revise any or all other aspects of the service at company’s sole discretion.

7 Company reserves the right to cancel the subscription and stop all services related thereto with immediate effect, without any prior notice to the subscriber for any illegal, or unauthorized access or use of the services, where such access or use is prohibited by any law for the time being in force or pose a threat to cyber security directly or indirectly.

For More Information go to www.primefiber.net/terms-and-conditions